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Cavius alarms are Red Dot awarded. 

Cavius alarms use state of the art electronic components to ensure reliability and performances.

They perfectly fit your home, mobile home boat or caravan.

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Why are Cavius smoke alarms superior….

Core technology:
The core technology of the Cavius smoke alarms was designed by a team experienced in developing high quality system smoke detectors to EN54-7. There are often many hundred detectors on a system, and a single false alarm can cause evacuation of hotels, hospitals, shopping centres etc. They also have to be highly reliable in detecting fires. There is also direct involvement with forming and revising EN systems and smoke alarm standards.

The alarm design with the stacking of all the components: Battery, electronics, chamber and sounder in order to make the overalldesign as small as possible were a first on the market and revolutionized the smoke alarm industry.
Cavius alarms use the highest quality components to ensure quality, reliability in performance, stability and to ensure products will be 100% operational during their lifetime of 10 Years.

Chamber size:
The effective size of the smoke sensing chamber is much smaller than previous ‘standard’ designs. To maintain a good quality performance this requires additional cost in the optical components, amplifiers for the photo diode and a good quality micro controller to carry out signal processing.

The performance of a smoke sensor is dependent on a good smoke entry in all orientations around the alarm. It also must have a very good resistance to false alarms due to point sources of contamination, insects, and humidity. This is not the case with most other larger smoke alarm sensor designs. Due to these characteristics, CAVIUS smoke alarms are certified for recreational vehicles where the exposure to different humidity and change in temperature is high.

The software in the Cavius smoke alarms includes a fire detection algorithm with features similar to that found in expensive analogue detection systems. This includes correction for drift due to the build-up of contamination, rejection of spurious signals, temperature compensation and averaging of the signal levels. These features give a superior performance to the simple alarm thresholds used in standard smoke alarm ICs. The software also includes a calibration routine, which stores a gain factor in flash memory. This is more accurate than the variable resistor set by hand on most other alarms, and much more reliable long term. The software also includes features for self-test, hush mode after alarm, and battery test.

Cavius alarms test 100% of the production in a smoke tunnel to ensure the right calibration, and every single piece is checked in an anechoic room for sound output test. 

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